We are very pleased to report that GamePlan has been released!  At the top of the web site, shown below, you can now find Sign up and Log in links.


Knowledge Base Library

To support our customers as they use GamePlan, we are creating a library of knowledge base articles.  These can be found through the Support link at the bottom of the web site, which links to support.gameplan.global.  Articles are categorized and can be searched on.  The image below shows the first page of our Support site.


What’s next?

Starting in January, I will be meeting with companies that wish to implement GamePlan to ensure that it meets their requirements.  Please contact me if you would like to organize a visit.

At the same time, GamePlan development will continue.  We look forward to bringing you:

  • collaboration – to allow you to share your plans with others, with access permission control
  • multiple projects within a plan – to ensure that a person working across multiple projects is never double-booked

As we close out 2015, we wish you the very best for the year ahead in both your personal and professional lives.