After many months of development, we are now one week away from the first release of GamePlan!

You can watch GamePlan in action in the short video (2:20) below.

Recent development

Over the past month we have been focusing on usability enhancements as we strive to make GamePlan the most intuitive project management application on the planet.

We have also added in a number of reports to show information on the status of a project, such as how it is tracking against the project milestones.  Each tab in the image below contains a report.


GamePlan Release Process

We will be having a controlled release to ensure that we can provide exceptional support to our Early Adopters.  Starting in December, you will be able to sign up to trial GamePlan.  We will then contact with you with information on how to start your GamePlan trial.

Initially, your trial will not expire after 30 days.  The purpose of our first release is to test many aspects of GamePlan, including:

  • our cloud-based infrastructure
  • our support processes
  • ease of use
  • functionality

Our primary goal for the next two months is to learn what we need to do so that GamePlan can make your life easier with your project planning and management.  If you would like to help us achieve this goal, please contact us.

Thank you for your continued interest and we hope to hear from you.