When you are using the GamePlan Whiteboard to communicate your project plan to stakeholders, have you ever wished you could hide some of the detail?  An exciting new development now allows you to collapse and expand groups on the Whiteboard!

Let’s look at this mind map example in GamePlan.


To collapse a group, right click on the group and choose Collapse from the context menu.  This will collapse the group on the Whiteboard and in the Gantt chart, while still showing the links to and from the group.

It is easy to collapse multiple groups at a time.  Box select (shift-drag with mouse/touch) the groups to collapse, right click and choose Collapse.  Collapsing all of the groups above creates this image.


To show the detail within specific groups, select the groups (control/command-click to select multiple items), right click and choose Expand.


You can choose your own icon for a collapsed group, and tasks can be added to a collapsed group through drag and drop.

This enhancement was recently requested from one of our users.  Do you have an enhancement request for GamePlan?  Please let us know.